Hair Styles- How To Make Easy And Simple Spiral Braid Hairstyle For Long Hairs

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Hello Dears :)
Today i am going to show you How To Make Cute Spiral Braid .
It is very simple and you can make it for your daily hair styles at home .
Here is as usual final pic first .
Now i am going to explain it to you step by step.


First brush your hairs well and also make sure that they are well washed and dried after conditioner.
Take three strands of hairs from left side of your head.


Make a simple English braid of three strands as you can see in picture.


Then pull one strand out of three so you will be able to get a cute and stylish Spiral Braid.


Don't forget to put a pony on it after making your braid otherwise it will open up.


Make a same Spiral Braid on Right side also by following above steps for left sided braid and then put a pony on it.


After making both sided braids combine them on back by a small bobby pin,try to use pin of your hair color,so that it will not affect your beautiful braid hairstyle.
Just following my above given steps I hope you will be able to get a Cute HairStyle for your daily use.

If you have any questions or confusion in this article you may comment here or contact us , we will reply you as soon as possible.
Also share your feedback about this hairstyle with us .:)
Thank You (Girls All Over)
Writer (ZA)


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