Beauty Tips- How To Apply Makeup That Lasts For Almost 6 Hours

Friday, July 4, 2014

Whenever we-girls have to go to any occasion either it may be a wedding or a party or any occasion...We try and also want to look prettiest among all girls or ladies their..We choose our best expensive dress and shoes as well as most expensive jewelry..But when the question comes for Makeup we prefer to use Best Cosmetics. But after some time on the occasion when we happen to look ourselves in a mirror we just shocked to see our makeup tends to fade and in spite of our all struggle we are not looking that Pretty then we looked just few hours before when we just finished our Makeup.
For these kinds of problems here i have some tips that helps how to apply your Makeup Last Longer :)

  1. Use Moisturizing Mask
Before going with your Makeup try to use a moisturizing mask. By using this your skin will look fresh and glowing. Try to use Moisturizing Mask of a Good Brand. I will also try to refer you most best brands of cosmetics latter in this section also.

   2. Apply primer

Whenever you are going to apply your Makeup never forget
to apply good quality primer on your skin.
It will help to keep your Makeup base last longer.
First prime your skin then apply your Makeup products of our choice but again do not use low quality products.
One little advice for you dear ladies.. most common that most ladies do is that they apply more amount..Kindly apply little amount and blend it properly.

 3.Use Eye Liner

 Try to use eye liner must in your Makeup.If u have spots on your skin or some blemishes then firstly your foundation and primer helps to cover them but if some spots still there then eye liner will try to fade their remarks. As it bring people attention to it.
One advice try to use good eyeliner and if it is water proof then it will be best as other eyeliner tends to fade after few hours.

4.Try to use Lip Primer Or Lipstick

Mostly girls like to use lip glosses. But as we know it is summer lip glosses tends to fade naturally. So try to use Lip Primers if u want to use lip glosses then. Otherwise I will prefer to use Lip Stick because it will not fade easily and lasts for more hours then Lip Primers or Lip glosses do.

We hope that this article helps you to keep your Makeup lasts longer.
More Beauty Tips are coming soon just stay tuned with us (Girls All Over).


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