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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Hello My Sweet Members!
If you are a Mom and you have a little daughter or you have a little girl in your as your sister or cousin then it will probably be a problem to make her hairs for any party or for going to schools,because we have many hair tutorials for young girls and ladies but for little girls we have a lack of them.
So that's why today i am going to show you a very simple Hair Style Tutorial for little girls, you can try it :)
First as usual here is final look of our today's hair tutorial.
Wanna start now? so why not :)


First wash your sweetie hairs well , dry them and brush them that there will be no knot in them that will affect our today's braiding process.
then take a section of hairs from mid of skull and tie them in a pony tail. Keep hairs also at front both side that we will use in our Braid Hair Style.


Take a strand from pony and two from front hairs that we left before.


Then start doing English Braid of three strands,
and in this hair style you will have strand strand from pony and two from front hairs, make a stitch of hair then add a strand from pony cross it over the middle strand then take a strand from front side hairs cross them over the middle strand and keep doing this process.


As i told you , keep taking strand from pony and front hairs and keep crossing them over middle strand.
Try to take thin strand from pony if your sweetie have thin  hairs or take according to the volume of your sweetie hairs.


After making the braid at half of the skull and using half of pony hairs ,start making simple braid by those three last strands that you have in your hands.


Tie a elastic band at its end.


Then again repeat above steps to make same braid on left side as you do on right side.


After making both sides braids, then merge the hairs of both simple braids that you have done at the end and putted a elastic band on it. After merging them, split them into three stands and make a simple English braid of these three.


If you follow the steps as i have told you, then you will be able to make your sweetie look beautiful and trendy. :)

please comment below to let us know how much you like this tutorial.
Also you want to try our WaterFall Hair Braid on your little girls. :)
Thank You (Girls All Over)


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