Braid Hairstyles- How To Make Micro Double Sided Braided Hair Lace Updo

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Hello Everyone
Today i am going to show you how make micro double sided braided hair lace.
You have learning so many hair styles from me. I hope that this Hair Lace Braided Tutorial will also help you to look stunning and pretty in your some party or occasion.
It is not difficult as it looks seriously, As you people have seen my Simple Lace Braid Hair Tutorial and i hope that u have tried it that's why this double sided micro braid hair tutorial is simple to you.
Now Let's Get Started :)
First i will show you how it will look in the end so you people may have some courage to do it .
Here's its Ending Picture.

Is It Looking Cool? Then why not we should get started :)


Make sure that hairs are well wash and conditioner. After that dry them well.
When you make sure above instructions are done then first comb your hairs and make sure that there is no know in them that may be affect our braiding process.
After all these we gonna start making our braid.
First pick three thin strands of hair from right side.


After step#1 when you picked three strands start doing simple english braid then after completing single braid stitched you need you pick one strand from right side and merge it with your third strand and after giving one stitch of braid again pick one strand from right and merge it again..and keep doing it.  


Keep picking strands from left side and keep merging them on third one at each step .


After you done doing you simple waterfall braid then at the end pick one strand from most left side and do a stitch after that pick again from left side and keep doing it until no single hair left on the left side.


When you doing your braid at left side and as i said no hair left then adjust it on the middle to see if it is looking accurate. Also you can attach it there with small bobby pin.


Then start making braid at right side of hairs also by following steps 1,2,3 and 4.


Then after you done doing your braid at both side perfectly. Pick a strand of hair from middle and divide it in three sections.


Then start making simple english braid.


After done making simple english braid pick one strand from three and pull it so that you will be able to make cute spiral braid. Also don't forget to put pony at the end of the braid to keep it in well shape.


Now your three sections of style that is, your left section lace braid, your right section lace braid and your middle section spiral braid.


Attach your three sections of hair style that i have mentioned above by a small bobby pin or another attaching pin you want.


You can then also decorate you hair style by using color bobby pins as i have used red color pin.

I hope that you like this tutorial and it will be helpful for you .
If you have any questions or some confusion you can comment here, i will answer you as soon as possible.
Thank You (Girls All Over)


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