Braid Hair Styles- Frozen Queen Elsa Braid Hair Tutorial For Long And Medium Hairs

Friday, July 18, 2014

Hello Again :)
Have you people have seen FROZEN Disney Movie??
Of course every person have seen it..In this movie the Queen Elsa has awesome hairs and her hair styles..i have no words for them they are simply Marvellous .
So i think i should present you a hair tutorial of Frozen Queen Elsa Braid.
Just Have a look on how this Elsa Hair Braid will look.
Wanna try this Braid? so lets get started dears :)


This braid is best if you have little dirty hairs. Try to make this braid on one or two days washed hairs.
First apply any heat effective hair oil to protect it from heat of hair roller that i will use in step#2.


Do curl your hairs by using a good branded curling iron. As you have seen that this braid is much messy and rough so it will better if you have done your hairs curl to give a heavy look on your hairs.
After curling them cool them first before getting started.


Now to get Elsa massive volume we need to do back combing and to help with that we are gonna sprinkle some hair powder before we start teasing.


Start back combing to give a heavy look to your braid.


Use hair extensions and hair padding, If you don't have them ,don't worry about it just tease your hairs a little more. Then use a dry wax on all of your hair, this will keep your braid looking neat.
Then gather the back of your crown into a pony tail and tie it with a elastic band.


Then split the pony into three sections to start a braid.


Take the side strands over the middle strand in a basic braid pattern.And then to turn it into a french braid just add in here the side strands before doing the regular braid. But for this Elsa braid first get strands from the crown initially.


Then just add in hairs from the right side into the right strand and cross it over the middle strand ,then take hairs from left side into the left strand and again cross it over the middle strand.
Keep taking hair from right and left as i said above at each step.


After making braid on your skull section just do a regular braid on remaining hair before tie a elastic band on it.
And to finish pull out the edges of the braid to make it bigger.


Cut out the elastic band if it is visible, as i do not need to cut it out because mine is not visible.


And after just following my above steps you would have a really messy and great Elsa Braid as i have.

I hope that you like this article.
Just stay tuned with as soon i am going to upload Princess Anna Coronation day Hair Style.
Thank you (Girls All over)


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